Starting at $8,250.00


$6,699.00 Plus Installation

Who says contemporary and comfortable have to be mutually exclusive? Our new Brixton table features clean lines and a sturdy yet streamlined design that showcases a unique “X” foundation – a contemporary look that’s nicely balanced with hammered metal details and an antiqued finish that highlights the table’s warm, natural patterns and rough-hewn texture. It’s a difference you can actually feel, with exceptional quality and playability you’re sure to appreciate.

Unique Features:

  • Sleek Contemporary Design
  • Hammered Metal Detail
  • Unique Antiqued Finish
SIZE: 8 or 9 ft.
FINISH: Beachwood
POCKETS : As Shown
LEGS: As Shown
SLATE : 1″
COLOR : Charcoal

Starting at $8,250.00

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