Catalina Swim Spas & Hot Tubs

“The Original Swim Spa”

Catalina Spas introduced the first swim spa in 1980 and continues to innovate the swim spa industry. The creation of the swim spa helped us become one of the largest swim spa manufacturers in the world. From an original past to an even brighter future.

Fitness 200 Series

Ultimate aquatic workout in the comfort of your own home.

Olympic 400 Series

Top of the line swim spas combine luxury, aquatic fitness and
hydrotherapy to take you to another place.

Catalina 600 Series

Elegance and ease of access come together in our Catalina line of
swim spas.

Pool 800 Series

Build speed, strength and endurance with the Pool Series of swim
spas from Catalina.

Feature Options

Personalize your swim spa today. The feature options list shows you all of the standard and optional equipment, amenities, and upgrades available. Components, cabinets, covers, acrylic, gel coatings, swim tile, and designer glass are all shown here.

Hot Tubs

Size 84″ x 84″ x 39″
Dry Weight 800 LBS
Capacity 380 gallons
Control Balboa TP 600
Pumps (2) 5 HP Pump
Jets 72 Stainless Steel Jets
volt capacity 220V / 50 AMPS
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Size 93″ x 93″ x 40″
Control Balboa TP 800
Pump (1) 4 HP & (1) 5 HP Pump
Jets 51 Stainless Steel Jets
Dry Weight 1100 LBS
Capacity 440 Gallons
volt capacity 220V / 60 AMPS
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